BH60 Automated Glycohemoglobin Analyzer

● Gold standard: lon-Exchange HPLC methodology

● CV ≤ 1%

● 60 seconds/sample (standard mode), 72 seconds/sample (variant mode)

● Up to 110 samples at a time (support blood tube and sample cup)

● Support for insert "Emergency sample"

● Intelligent consumables management

● Anti-interference: free of interference from hemoglobin variant & HbF

● NGSP & IFCC certificated

About BH60

With BH60 Automated Glycohemoglobin Analyzer, healthcare professional can be assured that they are getting the accuracy, reliability results to conduct efficient screen of patients at risk of diabetes or to evaluate diabetes situation and give related therapeutic regimen. This analyzer measure HbA1c without interference from common hemoglobin variants. This analyzer offers simple, efficient operation and is widely applicable to clinics laboratories, independent laboratories and hospitals.

Product Specifications

60 seconds/sample

Up to 110 samples at a time (support blood tube and sample cup)
Touch screen operation

Connectivity: USB/LAN/RS-232
Internal thermal printer



Test Items

Sample Volume

Maximum Loading Capacity

Analysis Mode

Testing Time


Detection Range

Result Unit

Working Condition

Data Storage

Expected Life

Power Source



Storage and Transport Condition

BH60 / BH60 G

Ion-Exchange HPLC 2-wavelength absorbance (detection length: 415nm)

HbA1c (s-A1c), HbF

Blood collection tube: ≥1mL, Sample cup: ≥0.5mL

Up to 110 samples at a time, automated continuous loading

Standard whole blood mode, Standard pre-dilution mode, Variant whole blood mode, Variant pre-dilution mode

Standard mode: 60s/T, Variant mode: 72s/T

CV≤ 1%

3% - 20%

NGSP (%), IFCC (mmol/mol)

Temperature: 10 °C - 35°C, Humidity: 10% - 85%

20000 analysis data with chromatogram, 2000 QC data with chromatogram, 100 calibration data

10 years

AC: 100-240V, tolerance ±10% Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz, tolerance ± 3Hz Input power: 200VA

550mm(W) × 540mm(D) × 570mm(H)

45 kg

Temperature: -10°C - 40°C, Humidity: 10% - 90%, Atmospheric pressure: 70 - 106Kpa

Order Information

Product Name Catalog No. Components
Automated Glycohemoglobin Analyzer HP-M51 1 Analyzer
1 Accessory Box
Product Name Catalog No. Components
Glycohemoglobin Analytical Column HP-Z111 500 tests:
1 × Analytical Column
1 × Filters
HP-Z112 1000 tests:
1 × Analytical Column
2 × Filters
HP-Z113 2000 tests:
1 × Analytical Column
4 × Filters
HP-Z114 3000 tests:
1 × Analytical Column
6 × Filters
Product Name Catalog No. Components
Glycohemoglobin Reagent Kit (HPLC, Standard Mode) HP-L121 500 tests/box:
Elution Buffer A 1×1800mL,
Elution Buffer B 1×600mL,
Hemolysis & Wash Buffer H 2×2000 mL
HP-L122 1000 tests/box:
Elution Buffer A 2×1800mL,
Elution Buffer B 1×1200mL,
Hemolysis & Wash Buffer H 4×2000 mL
HP-L123 2000 tests/box:
Elution Buffer A 4×1800mL,
Elution Buffer B 2×1200mL,
Hemolysis & Wash Buffer H 8×2000 mL
HP-L124 3000 tests/box:
Elution Buffer A 6×1800mL,
Elution Buffer B 3×1200mL,
Hemolysis & Wash Buffer H 12×2000 mL
Product Name Catalog No. Components
Glycohemoglobin Quality Control (HPLC) HP-C121 (2x1mL)/kit:
1× Level 1,
1 × Level 2 Control
HP-C122 (10x1mL)/kit:
5× Level 1,
5× Level 2 Control
Glycohemoglobin Calibrator (HPLC) HP-CA121 (2x1mL)/kit:
1× Level 1,
1 × Level 2 Control
HP-CA122 (10x1mL)/kit:
5× Level 1,
5× Level 2 Control